Sonnet House Small Groups

$175.00 / month for 6 months

You’ll get six months of technical and spiritual discipleship, resources to help grow and develop your entire production team, guided, focused input from Jeff and other experts, and the opportunity to build a network of like-minded leaders. All for about $5.50 a day, which might be less than you’re spending on your fair trade, shade-grown, cold-brewed, nitro habit. Plus, we’ll get to learn from you as you give us feedback on how to continue to develop Sonnet House’s ongoing content and programs.



This is an exclusive and very limited offer to be part of shaping a world-class training and discipleship model for church production teams! What’s included in this 6 month program:


Extensive training around a technical topic each month to challenge your technical aptitude and sharpen your skill.
A monthly Zoom call with Jeff in a cohort of like-minded leaders. You’ll have 2 hours of real-time training, community-building and teaching each month.
An exclusive webinar with a very special guest, where you can interact and ask questions.
24 weeks of training materials designed to help you successfully lead your local team in a weekly devotion and cultivate deeper spiritual community.
A weekly feedback forum and check-ins to understand what is working, what could use improvement, and the opportunity to personally shape the Sonnet House training experience so that it best serves you and others like you.
Access to an open weekly online session where you can ask questions, troubleshoot problems, and continue to sharpen your skill.